About us

Daniel and Vendula Sidzina, born and raised in the Czech Republic bring their European heritage to Washington, D.C. through the culinary tradition of combining foods from the Old and New World.

Both, Daniel and Vendula, were part of the collaborative team when Bistro Bohem first opened its doors in 2012. The founder, their dear friend Jarek Mika, created the restaurant start-up with a team of chefs, designers and friends. After four successful years, Jarek decided to focus on pursuing his real estate empire and shared the news of his plans for divestment with just a few close friends. The married couple, who never shy away from a challenge, took over in January of 2016 and continued to make Bistro Bohem one of Washington, D.C.’s most cosmopolitan, cozy and fun establishments while maintaining cultural traditions and the delicious Central European cuisine.

They aim to provide customers the highest level of hospitality and the best dining experience through their excellent customer service. And by serving the most subtle, yet contemporary take on Central European cuisine and signature cocktails featuring Old World spirits like Slivovitz Plum Brandy (Daniel’s favorite) and Becherovka liquor they are able to deliver a unique international experience.

Often you will find Daniel enjoying and engaging in conversation with guests at the bar or dining area while Vendula is behind the scenes running  back-end operations or creating new and exciting dishes.